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     CRPRC DLA Localization Workshop
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CRPRC project DLA Localization Workshop was held on May 9-May 11, 2008. 27 people attended. Participants included representatives from relevant government agencies at national and county level, research and teaching organizations, representatives of cooperatives which have been trialing the DLA and people from relevant NGO's.

    They are: Vedia Achmad Djamaludin from Indonesia, Professor Xu Xuchu from Zhejiang University, Zhao Tieqiao from Ministry of Agriculture Rural Cooperative Economic Management Station, Ren Dapeng from China Agricultural University, Xu Renfa from Beijing Agricultural Commission, Liu Hui from ACFSMC, Miao Jianping from China Cooperative Economic Studies Institute, Zhang Xiaoshan from CASS RDI, Yi Xiaoqing from CASS Environmental Research Institute, Li Zhonghua from Qingdao Agricultural University, Wang Fu from Shandan Shilipu Barley Cooperative, Li Fengwu from Shandan Agriculture Management Station, Xu Wenke from Sichuan Renshou Qingjian Cooperative, Cheng Jianwen from Renshou Agriculture Bureau, Yang Linzhuan from Qianyang Womens Handicraft Cooperative, Liu Jirong from Anhui Finance and Economics University, Secretary General Liu Denggao from ICCIC and ICCIC Vice Chair Yuan Peng, Executive Member Guo Lulai, Miao Zaifang, Tim, Tang Zongkun and so on.

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