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 Workshop for Women’s Handicraft Cooperatives from Western China Held …
 Congratulatory Letter of ICCIC 75th Anniversary from NZCFS
 Congratulatory Letter of ICCIC 75th Anniversary from ICA
 Congratulatory Letter of ICCIC 75th Anniversary from Jenny Shipley
 The pre-summit event that got school-based co-operatives around the wo…
 The Song of ‘Gung-Ho’
 The Third Executive Meeting of the ICCIC in 2014 held in Shanghai
 "Co-operative enterprises achieve sustainable development for all…
 The Second Executive Meeting of the ICCIC in 2014 held in Datong
 Workshop on Improving Business Skills for Women’s Handicraft Cooperat…
Training Sessions for Co-operators
Peter Townsend - Friendship tokens from the Far East
NZCFS Chinese Language Website Launched
Dave Bromwich from Hawke’s Bay is the NZCFS new National President
Helen Snow, Not a Writer Only--By An-Wei
Gung Ho and Cooperatives in China-By Robert Ware
Rural Women’s Micro Realities: Two Cases-By Lanyan Chen
Former Vice Chair of ICCIC, Professor Bill Wilmot was interviewed on R…
Fair Trade and Environmental Protection
 Home Care Cooperatives
 ICA:Blueprint for a Co-operative Decade
 Cooperative's Status and Role in Rural Area of China
 Senior lawmaker calls for more financial support for co-op
 The Development of Rural Cooperative Organizations in China Since the …
 Singapore co-operative comes to aid commnuity
 International Co-operative Day 2013
 UN Secretary-General's Message for 2011 IDC
 "Youth, the future of co-operative enterprise"-ICA
 The logo of 2012 - International Year of Cooperatives
 "Youth, the future of cooperative enterprise"
 Resolution adopted by the General Assembly
 Goals of the International Year of Cooperatives
 “Co-operative Enterprise Empowers Women”
 ILO hails UN proclamation of 2012 as International Year of Cooperative…

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