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     Training and Consultation at the Shandan Shilipu Malt Barley Cooperative for the CRPRC Project
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  From 24 to 28 December, 2007, Du Yintang, a researcher at the Rural Development Institute of the Academy of Social Sciences, and the ICCIC project officer, Wu Haili, went to the Shilipu Malt Barley Association in Shandan County, Gansu Province, to carry out training and consultation activities. These included mainly an explanation of the “Agriculture Specialized Cooperative Law of the People’s Republic of China”, DLA evaluation, environment evaluation and social gender interviews and investigation. Director Chen Zhinian of the Shandan Industrial Cooperative Association and Master Li Fengwu of the Shandan Agricultural Economy Station participated. A total of 20 members of the Cooperative were also there, 17 men and three women.

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