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The Canadian leader of the project of the Sino-Canadian Co-operatives to Reduce Poverty in Rural China (CRPRC), David Shanks, and the interpreter, Xiong Beirong, came to Beijing to conduct the mid-term evaluation of the situation of the project. From 24 to 27 November, 2007, they visited the Shaanxi Qianyangxinxing Handicraft Cooperative and the Sichuan Renshouqingjian Fruit Industry Specialized Cooperative, and held wide-ranging discussions with the members of the Cooperatives to learn about the present situation of the development and demands of the Cooperatives.   They summarized the experiences and shortcomings of the prophase work of the project so as to provide the latest information and basis for preparing of the next work plan of the project, so that the target can be realized.   They did this along with the ICCIC project work team.

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