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     Message of Support from the SACU to the Chinese People
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6th March 2020

Message of Support

from the Society for Anglo-Chinese Understanding to the Chinese People

Dear Friends and Colleagues in China

SACU Council of Management at its last meeting, reflected on the situation in China and wanted to express its support for the sacrifices ordinary people are making which is of benefit to the whole world. We felt this is the time for all of us with connections to friends, family and colleagues in China to let them know how grateful we are.We recorded an impromptu video when our Vice President Dr Frances Wood sent warm wishes, speaking in Chinese, on behalf of all of us.


We are sure that everyone in SACU is thinking with friendship and understanding about the very difficult situation for everyone in China right now as they work hard to reduce the spread of the Covid-19 virus and support those who have already caught it.  We think it is obviously important for us all in SACU to equip ourselves with the facts of the situation so we can, in line with our aims, help overcome misplaced suspicion and increase understanding about China in the UK. We are concerned and embarrassed at some of the miss-information being circulated through social media and the press.  We are however heartened by the number of people who are speaking up from UK and across the world to say how unacceptable and unhelpful this is and to celebrate what great steps China has taken in this difficult situation.  SACU member Professor Martin Albrow joined a number of people from countries outside China in a CCTV broadcast today to offer their support – the link to the CCTV13 programme is below


As an organisation we are planning to hold an event in London as a contribution to promoting understanding and thereby tackling the prejudice and unfriendly words and behaviours being expressed by some.  I’m delighted to say that Professor Martin Albrow has agreed to speak, and we will invite others to join him on the platform.

With our heartfelt gratitude to the Chinese People for all that they have done to try and contain this virus and to treat those who have caught it, we send our highest regard and say we are thinking of them at this difficult time and have no doubt that they will remain resilient and strong.

Best Wishes

Zoë Reed


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