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Cooperatives Build a Better World--2022-06-23 10:08:32
2021 International Day of Cooperatives--2021-06-28 09:14:33
A Century of Friendship towards a Shared Future Communist Party of China and Foreign Friends--2021-05-12 12:39:18
The ICA President's message for International Day of Cooperatives 2020--2020-07-04 11:23:40
Michael Crook: All power to Wuhan! All power to China!--2020-03-07 12:06:28
Message of Support from the SACU to the Chinese People--2020-03-07 11:45:16
A Letter to Foreign members and Friends of ICCIC--2020-03-07 11:35:52
Congratulations! Isabel Crook!--2019-09-29 20:51:01
The Global Conference on "Cooperatives for Development"--2019-08-16 09:45:00
To All our New Zealand Friends--2019-03-22 10:46:54
Canadian anthropologist, lifelong friend of China celebrates 103rd birthday--2018-12-18 10:37:36
ICCIC Delegation Visit the UK--2018-10-17 15:34:27
Advancing Women CEOs in Co-operatives- Workshop Report--2018-06-04 11:30:39
Declaration of the ICA the International Women's Day 2018--2018-03-08 08:47:58
Commemoration of the 120th Birth Anniversary of Rewi Alley in Christchurch--2017-12-14 16:59:59
The Joy of Life is Having Friends--2017-12-05 17:38:41
2017 International Co-operative Day: Co-operatives ensure no-one is left behind--2017-06-28 16:13:57
Xi calls for contributions to world peace, development--2017-04-25 22:47:16
Spread Red Culture & Promote Internationalist Spirit--2017-04-25 21:45:39
Site for Education in Internationalism in Tang County--2017-04-25 21:30:10
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